On Monday, Oct. 4, at 3 p.m., the Town of Jackson and Teton County elected officials will meet as part of a Joint Information Meeting (JIM) to discuss the rec center expansion, including the development of the community climbing gym.

For community members, the Oct. 4 meeting represents the last opportunity to influence the gym’s design.

The agenda for Oct. 4 JIM may be found here. Public comment begins at 3 p.m.

A. To join, click the link or copy to your browser:    https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86540925082
If the link does not work, join at zoom.com with Webinar ID 865 4092 5082
 or join by phone  1.669.900.6833    with Webinar ID 865 4092 5082

The TCC has reviewed the preliminary designs for the climbing gym. We are encouraged by the gym’s preliminary designs, which are creative, efficient and maximize the square footage allocated to the climbing gym while still incorporating social space—a key ingredient to a successful gym. 

Our central concern, however, remains unchanged. The amount of space allocated to the climbing gym remains inadequate, and will likely result in wait lists to manage crowding and demand.

Community members who share our concern may offer their perspective during public comment at the beginning of the Oct. 4 JIM.

Please offer public comment. Community members may make comment in support of a bigger gym at the start of the meeting. It’s easy—you can even do it remotely!

The Teton Climbers’ Coalition has been reaching out to elected officials about our concerns that the climbing gym will be too small. They’ve told us that they need to hear from a wide cross-section of the community, not just TCC board members—especially because the Rec Center expansion, and the gym, are being funded by SPET money voted on by the community. 

Community members may also write our elected officials. The easiest way to let our elected officials know what you want to see in a climbing gym is by writing them an email. (Here’s a sample letter in support of a bigger climbing gym.) Here are the addresses to use:


Town Council All council@jacksonwy.gov
Jonathan Schechter jschechter@jacksonwy.gov
Hailey Morton Levison hmortonlevinson@jacksonwy.gov
Jim Rooks jrooks@jacksonwy.gov
Jessica Chambers jchambers@jacksonwy.gov
Arne Jorgenson AJorgensen@jacksonwy.gov
County Commission All commissioners@tetoncountywy.gov
Greg Epstein gepstein@tetoncountywy.gov
Natalia Macker nmacker@tetoncountywy.gov
Mark Barron mbarron@tetoncountywy.gov
Luther Propst lpropst@tetoncountywy.gov
Mark Newcomb mnewcomb@tetoncountywy.gov


The important thing is for community members to make our voices heard collectively. If elected officials don’t hear from us, they will have no reason to advocate for a gym that meets the community’s needs.

Let your elected officials know what you want for the community climbing gym. Oct. 4 represents our last chance to do so. This and future generations of Teton climbers depend on us speaking up now.