The easiest way to let our elected officials know what you want to see in a climbing gym is by writing them a letter. Here are the addresses to use:


Town Council All
Jonathan Schechter
Hailey Morton Levison
Jim Rooks
Jessica Chambers
Arne Jorgenson
County Commission All
Greg Epstein
Natalia Macker
Mark Barron
Luther Propst
Mark Newcomb

Sample Letter Example:

Dear Jackson Town Council, Teton County Commissioners and Teton County Parks and Recreation Department,

[On behalf of YOUR ORGANIZATION, BUSINESS OR PERSONAL NAME,] I strongly support the inclusion of a climbing gym as part of the Teton County/Jackson Recreation Center expansion. I also support a gym that’s large enough to accommodate the community’s needs.

Jackson Hole is first and foremost a mountain community, with much of its history and culture steeped in climbing and mountaineering. A climbing gym at the Teton County / Jackson Recreation center will not only be a tribute to this heritage; it will also be an invaluable asset for our entire community—kids, families, guides, search and rescue members and veteran climbers alike.

Key to a great gym is enough space to accommodate our community’s needs.

Teton County has a population of ca. 23,000 people. The preliminary designs for the Rec Center gym presented on Sept. 1 feature 10,940 total square feet of climbing surface area.

For context, Canmore, in Alberta, Canada, has a population of ca. 14,000. Their rec center climbing gym, Elevation Place, features 11,000 sq. ft. of climbing surface area.

Because Elevation Place is too small to meet the needs of the community, a wait list is used to manage demand.

For this reason, I’m writing in support of a MINIMUM of 12,000 to 14,000 square feet of climbing surface area for the Rec Center climbing gym.

An appropriately sized rec center climbing gym will not only contribute to our community’s physical and mental wellbeing. It will create a safe venue for our kids, one that connects them to positive role models and a lifestyle that’s aligned with Jackson Hole’s legacy as the epicenter of American mountaineering. These connections will last the rest of their lives.  Allocating an appropriate amount of space to the gym is essential to making this happen.

Thank you for considering my support for an appropriately sized gym.


Your name