On June 9, The Teton Climbers’ Coalition (TCC) proudly hosted a day of camaraderie and community action at the Hoback Shield that successfully replaced 25 old anchors with state-of-the-art Mussy Hook anchors, ensuring the safety and sustainability of one of the valley’s favorite climbing spots.

Reliable anchors are crucial for climbers’ safety and the sustainability of climbing routes. Over time, wear and tear can compromise the integrity of these vital components. Recognizing this, TCC developed our ongoing Climbing Area Modernization (CAM) Project to replace old and suspect climbing hardware across our climbing areas. The Hoback Shield initiative marked the most recent chapter in this vital effort.

Mussy Hook anchors represent the cutting edge in climbing technology, offering unparalleled ease of use, strength, and durability. By replacing outdated anchors with these innovative solutions, we not only enhance safety but also ensure that future generations of climbers can enjoy these routes for years to come.

On June 9th, TCC board member Garrick Hart and Stewardship Team leader Tom Hargis led a team of six enthusiastic and psyched volunteers that replaced 25 anchors, which covered nearly all the anchors on the entire crag, including the second pitch anchors of the two-pitch routes. The team’s hard work resulted in the replacement of all but two of the Shield’s anchors; the far-right route, Hoi Polloi, requires further attention due to a complex nest of five bolts.

The event wasn’t just about anchor replacement. It was a day filled with learning, community building, and, of course, plenty of climbing. Volunteers, whether seasoned climbers or newcomers to the sport, assisted with the anchor replacements and had the opportunity to connect with fellow climbing enthusiasts.

“We are incredibly grateful to our volunteers for their dedication and hard work,” said Garrick Hart. “Their efforts ensure that our climbing areas remain safe and enjoyable for everyone. This community spirit is what makes events like Crag Day at the Hoback Shield so special.”

TCC invites everyone to participate in future CAM Project initiatives. Whether you’re an experienced climber or just getting started, your involvement is invaluable. Join us as we continue to enhance the safety and sustainability of our cherished climbing areas.