This winter, the Teton County/Jackson Park and Recreation Department appointed Carl Pelletier as the Manager of the Rec Center’s new rock climbing gym, which is scheduled to open at the end of May. This strategic hire underscores the Department’s commitment to enhancing community recreational assets and promoting active lifestyles in Teton County.

Pelletier brings to his roles over a decade of dedicated service to the Town of Jackson, most notably as Public Information Officer & Special Event Coordinator, where he played a pivotal role in community engagement and event management. His exemplary service has been recognized widely, earning him the prestigious Value Jackson Award in May 2018.

A veteran climber, Carl combines his professional expertise with a passionate commitment to the climbing community. His extensive background includes positions as a Brand Representative for Liberty Mountain and a Regional Coordinator for Wilderness Adventures, equipping him with unique insights into the needs and aspirations of both novice and experienced climbers.

Carl’s educational achievements further complement his professional journey. He holds a Master’s degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Travel from Clemson University, along with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Benedictine University. His academic background and professional experience position him uniquely to lead the new facility toward realizing its full potential as a vibrant community asset.

Carl’s dedication to community service is further evidenced by his volunteer work with Jackson Hole Fire/EMS, demonstrating his commitment to safety and well-being in both recreational and emergency settings. Carl has also had the honor of traveling to Jackson’s sister city of Lienz, Austria, representing our community in this longstanding relationship while enhancing the cultural and social ties between the two cities.

The Teton Climbers’ Coalition is enthusiastic about Carl’s vision for the new facility. “We are thrilled to have Carl lead our new rock climbing gym,” said Christian Beckwith, the organization’s Executive Director. “His blend of expertise, leadership, and community commitment makes him the ideal person to ensure the gym becomes a cornerstone for community engagement and physical activity.”

Carl’s leadership is expected to position the climbing gym as a hub for social and recreational gatherings, enhancing the health and enjoyment of Teton County residents and visitors alike.