Entres-Prises, the climbing wall company retained by the Teton County/Jackson Parks and Recreation Department to develop the community climbing gym included in the Rec Center redesign, recently shared renderings of the gym, which is currently scheduled to open in early 2024.

The gym’s design features 8,800 square feet of roped and lead climbing; 45 roped climbing lines; and walls that range from 30 to 45 feet high.

Two bouldering areas are planned for the gym. A first-floor bouldering area features 900 square feet of bouldering on walls up to 15 feet tall. A second-floor mezzanine bouldering area features 1,160 square feet of bouldering.

The gym, which is projected to accommodate 74 climbers at a time, will feature 60% roped climbing and 40% bouldering.

The TCC worked for more than two years to ensure the gym met the needs of the entire community. Thanks to the efforts of community members who signed petitions, filled out surveys, and wrote letters to elected officials in support of the climbing gym, Parks & Rec increased the size of the gym from an initial 5,750 square feet to its current dimensions and retained Entres-Prises as a climbing wall consultant at a critical juncture in the gym’s development—one of the TCC’s key recommendations from the more than seventy hours of research the local climbing org conducted on climbing facilities around the country.