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The Pioneers Boulder


Proposal: As part of the expansion to the Teton County Parks and Recreation Center, create a “Pioneers Boulder” that honors the pioneers of Teton mountaineering and continues the historical tribute begun by the Teton Boulder Project and the proposed Rangers Boulder addition.

Background: In November 2019, Teton County Voters approved Proposition #9, which allocated $22,000,000.00 for “designing, planning, engineering, construction, and equipping the renovation and expansion of the Teton County/Jackson Recreation Center.” The amenities included a line item for “1,000 SF Outdoor Climbing Boulders.”

Rather than develop a series of smaller boulders, which would dilute the impact and quality of the amenity, we propose creating one 1,000-square-foot boulder, similar in size to the “Boxcar Boulder” at the Teton Boulder Park, and using it to commemorate the history of the Teton climbing pioneers with a tribute that can be appreciated by all who visit the Teton County Rec Center.

The historical component would provide an overview of “who’s who” in Teton climbing history that offered synopses of the contributions of mountaineers.

Parameters of Inclusion:

The first ascent of a significant Teton peak higher than 11,000 feet via a route Class 5 or harder (see grading system here)

The first ascent, first winter ascent or first female ascent of three or more Grade III routes, two or more Grade IV routes, or one or more Grade V routes 

Pioneers will be listed chronologically, with list of significant Teton accomplishments followed by significant ascents in the Greater Ranges.

Teton mountaineers to research for potential inclusion:

Native Americans, date unknown: first ascent of the Enclosure

Nathaniel Langford

James Stevenson

William Owen

Franklin Spalding

Albert R. Ellingwood

Eleanor Davis 

Paul Petzoldt

Glenn Exum

Jack Durrance

Kenneth Henderson

Robert Underhill

Fritiof Fryxell

Fritz Wiessner

George Lowe

Dave Carman

Jack Durrance

Richard Emerson

Willi Unsoeld

Leigh Ortenburger

Irene Ortenburger

Sue Swedlund 

Mike Lowe

Jeff Lowe

Alex Lowe

Jack Tackle 

Jack Durrance

Henry Coulter

Richard Emerson

John Gill 

Ray Jacquot

Herb Swedlund 

Jim Beyer

Bill Briggs

Yvon Chouinard

Catherine Cullinane

Peter Lev

Rod Newcomb

Renny Jackson

Rolando Garibotti

Greg Collins

Hans Johnstone

Mark Newcomb

Stephen Koch

Thomas Turiano

Ron Matous

Aaron Gams

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