The Teton Climbers’ Coalition kicked off the centennial of the first known female ascent of the Grand Teton at its inaugural AlpinFilm, with a women’s panel, films about and by women, and an invitation to to help shape the celebrations by completing a short survey by the end of February.

Moving Mountains: A Panel Discussion on Women in the Tetons,” featured Exum’s first female guide, Catherine Cullinane; Dana Larkin who passionately pursues big skiing and climbing objectives while also teaching math at the Jackson Hole High School; Exum guide and TCC board member Morgan McGlashon, the youngest woman to ski the Grand Teton; and Madison Rose Ostergren, a professional skier and star of the film “Fuel.” Marian Meyers, TCC Board Member and long time Jackson Hole community member since the 70’s, welcomed the panel and audience at the Jackson Hole Playhouse.

The night was full of smiles, laughter, as well as raw moments of personal reflection. When moderator, TCC Board Member Sheila Walsh Reddy, asked what advice they might give their younger selves, Catherine Cullinane offered “Be patient with myself and the world…and speak my truth” Dana Larkin, reflecting on how we can be our own toughest critics said, “Tell myself “Good job, this is something you’re good at.” “

The women also shared how they would celebrate the centennial. Madison Rose Ostergren shared that she wants to make an all women film. Morgan McGlashon will be leading all women trips up the Grand Teton through her role as a guide at Exum. Catherine Cullinane said she climbs the Grand every year for her birthday, so that will be her celebration. When asked by an audience member how we’re addressing bias against women in climbing, Catherine said “This is how we’re doing it.” 

Now, the TCC is inviting the community to help shape this year of celebration of women moving in the  mountains by completing a short survey by the end of February. Why is the centennial important to you? How do you want to celebrate? What support do women climbers want, e.g., scholarships, networking and mentoring?   

“The centennial is a moment for us to pause and celebrate, but it’s not about one woman at one time,” Reddy said. “It’s about all women making their own journey—and celebrating that experience.”