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Monthly Archives: July 2021

Ways to Get Involved with the Rec Center Climbing Gym

Want to help build a climbing gym that serves the entire community, now and in the future? Here are two ways you can do so.

  1. Rec Center Open House

On August 10-11, from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. at the Rec Center gym, Parks & Rec is hosting a community Open House about the Rec Center expansion, including the climbing gym. The climbing gym consultants along with the expansion’s builder and architect will be on hand to present their ideas to the public.

Climbers, this is our chance to let Parks & Rec know what we want to see in a climbing gym. Please spread the word, mark it on your calendars and show up on Aug. 10 and 11. Your participation will help determine the climbing gym we get for our community.

  1. Contact Your Elected Officials

The Teton Climbers’ Coalition has been reaching out to elected officials about our concerns that the climbing gym will be too small. They’ve told us that they need to hear from a wide breadth of the community,not just TCC board members—especially because the Rec Center expansion, and the gym, are being funded by SPET money voted on by the community. 

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Offer public comment, in person or electronically, at County Commissioner and/or Town Council meetings.
    • Community members may make comment in support of a bigger gym at the start of every meeting. It’s easy—you can even do it remotely!
      • BCC meetings: Aug. 2, 3, and 9. See BCC information here.
      • Town Council meeting: Aug. 2 at 6 p.m. See meeting agenda here.
      • Joint Information Meeting: August 2 at 3 pm. See meeting agenda here.
  1. Write your elected officials. The easiest way to let our elected officials know what you want to see in a climbing gym is by writing them an email. Here are the addresses to use:


Town Council All council@jacksonwy.gov
Jonathan Schechter jschechter@jacksonwy.gov
Hailey Morton Levison hmortonlevinson@jacksonwy.gov
Jim Rooks jrooks@jacksonwy.gov
Jessica Chambers jchambers@jacksonwy.gov
Arne Jorgenson AJorgensen@jacksonwy.gov
County Commission All commissioners@tetoncountywy.gov
Greg Epstein gepstein@tetoncountywy.gov
Natalia Macker nmacker@tetoncountywy.gov
Mark Barron mbarron@tetoncountywy.gov
Luther Propst lpropst@tetoncountywy.gov
Mark Newcomb mnewcomb@tetoncountywy.gov


 Let’s let our elected officials know what the community wants from the community climbing gym. After all, we’re paying for it!


The Boulder Park Needs Your Help

The Teton Boulder Park was completed in 2010. Since that time, more than 120 backer plates—the back-end fixtures for the climbing holds—have become cross-threaded, with bolts sheared off inside them. These backer plates can no longer be used for holds. As the majority of them are concentrated at the corners of the boulders, where holds are particularly important, this compromises the boulders’ functionality.

The TCC has been working to assist Parks and Rec with backer plate replacements. Due to staff shortages, Parks and Rec is unable to replace the backer plates without our help.

Let’s help Parks and Rec get the Boulder Park back up to full speed! Ping us at info@tetonclimbers.com to volunteer.

Climbing Gym Open House Aug. 10-11

On August 10th and 11th, Teton County Parks and Rec will host a Community Open House about the upcoming Rec Center expansion, including the development of the climbing gym. The event will allow community members to ask questions and provide their input to Parks & Rec staff.

Climbers, this is your chance to weigh in on a climbing gym that can serve the entire community, now and in the future. Stay tuned for more information on the Open House, and RSVP to participate here.

TCC to Coordinate Rodeo Wall, Hoback Shield Adopt-A-Crag Projects This Summer

The Teton Climbers’ Coalition (TCC) is working on two stewardship projects of interest to local climbers.

On July 29, the local climbing organization, led by stewardship director Chris Owen, will complete the work it began last year on Rodeo Wall.

On August 26, the TCC will help build a new access trail for the Hoback Shield.

Both projects are being done in coordination with the Bridger-Teton National Forest (BTNF).

Last year, in a project made possible by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, Teton Mountaineering, The American Alpine Club, Access Fund and BTNF, the TCC coordinated an Adopt-A-Crag project on Rodeo Wall. Fifteen volunteers built a new retaining wall at the base of the crag. Additionally, volunteers widened the access trail’s upper section, and installed straw erosion control blankets over informal, user-created trails to prevent further erosion and damage of habitat.

An article on the project appeared in the Jackson Hole News & Guide here. The July 29 Rodeo Wall Adopt-A-Crag will finish the work initiated in 2020.

The Hoback Wall Adopt-A-Crag project is also a priority this summer for the TCC.

Earlier this year, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) informed the BTNF of their intention to place guardrails on the highway at the base of the Hoback Shield, one of Jackson Hole’s premier climbing crags.

Placement of the guardrails will eliminate the parking pullout used by climbers to access the cliff.

A screenshot of the Hoback Shield. The red line is the highway, along which climbers currently park to access the cliff. The green rectangle and green line indicate the locations of the new parking lot and access trails.

To help develop a new access trail, the TCC and BTNF will coordinate a volunteer effort to expand the historic snowmobile parking on the plateau just northwest of the Granite Creek junction near the sled dog tour building.

From there, the project will develop an old trail and connect it to the existing access trail to the base of the cliff.

The project will also close and rehab the first three switchbacks of the old trail.

Those who enjoy climbing at Rodeo Wall or Hoback Shield and are encouraged to volunteer by emailing the TCC at info@tetonclimbers.com.


Welcome New TCC Team Members

The Teton Climbers’ Coalition is pleased to announce the addition of several new members to its team.

Over the past few months, Charlie Thomas and Garrick Hart have joined our board.

Charlie Thomas

Charlie, who has lived in Jackson Hole since 1980, is a fine woodworker and longtime climber (and skier and kayaker) who guided raft trips in the Valley until 1986 when he started Magpie Furniture. Forty seven years of climbing have taken him to South America, Canada and throughout the United States. Married to Marylee White with two now-adult children, he continues to build furniture in Wilson and climb whenever the rocks need to be climbed.

Exum guide Garrick Hart has climbed throughout the west including ascents on El Capitan in Yosemite as well as rock and ice routes in places such as Red Rocks, Moab, the North Cascades, and throughout Wyoming. Many of the ascents were with his wife, twin daughters and son.

Garrick Hart

Garrick teaches physics at Jackson Hole High School and runs the mountaineering club there as well, teaching students to know and love the mountains as well as how to travel and recreate in them safely.

Joining our stewardship team are Tom Hargis and Wesley Gooch.

Tom Hargis

Tom is an Internationally Certified AMGA/UIAGM Mountain Guide who has climbed extensively in Canada and U.S., including five routes on El Capitan and many ascents in the southwest. He has guided and done expeditions throughout the world, including in Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan, and made the first ascent of the northwest ridge of Pakistan’s Gasherbrum IV —the only American to ever summit the peak. Expeditions to Everest and Gasherbrum II. He is a recipient of AMGA Lifetime Achievement in Guiding Award (2004) and is an AMGA instructor and examiner in Rock and Alpine disciplines.

Born in Jackson and raised in Pinedale, Wesley grew up climbing and exploring the Teton and Wind River Mountain ranges. At thirteen, he was introduced to the sport of rock climbing and was hooked for life. The alpine rock of the Wind River Mountains has been Wesley’s primary source of climbing inspiration. Every year, he returns to explore and establish new routes high in the Wind Rivers.

Wesley pursues many forms of climbing: bouldering, sport, traditional, alpine, and ice climbing. He is also the author of the guidebook Rock Climbing Jackson Hole & Pinedale, Wyoming (which includes Driggs, ID), and is currently working on a third edition.

Wesley Gooch

Please join us in welcoming all four volunteers to the TCC team, which continues to work on behalf of all the climbers in the greater Teton area.